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Tell us about your project, we will study it and help you achieve it. If budget is a key factor in the final result, it does not alter our approach, both in terms of design and choice of materials, which is to give you the best value for money. We are often up to 25% cheaper than other competing offers whatever your project maybe.

The construction methods used conform to the most stringent standards and are based either on conventional materials or on an almost exclusive process we offer on the Costa Brava (see construction).


The plans and photographs that illustrate the text, are communicated only for information and examples. We do not have any standard houses. Each project is developed in accordance with our customers, always listening to their needs and expectations. We are making the corrections and modifications needed to achieve the desired result. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. All for a budget within the reach of every customer.

The style that we propose is primarily intended to provide for a convenient, affordable and enjoyable living place . We assume that everyone should feel good about his house. From the basic drawing to the choice of materials, our thoughts turn to the well-being that can be given to each of our clients.

Whether your tastes are modern or classic, our response will be what you expect.


With an experience of more than 200 homes built, our architect is able to respond to all the problems related to the construction on the Costa Brava with its peculiar characteristics: hard and rocky land with steep slopes etc. .. whatever the style you have choosen.

Advise / work methodology

We will also help you in choosing colors, materials both internal and external coating. If you prefer, we can also integrate decoration and interior furnishings in our approach.

Sometimes plans and meetings are not enough, if you wish, we can also realize computer graphic renders to help you to better assess the proposals made to you.

Contact us, tell us about your project, built in Spain is not complicated, once defined the house plan, options and finishes (although these items may be modified during construction), our answer will surprise you in a very pleasant way.

The monitoring and control of the work will not be a problem, we are used to work with foreign customers or customers living away from the construction site. In our approach, we are committed contractually to inform in writing and with photographies to show the progress of work or of any part out of the scope of the project.

On the budgetary aspect we work with "closed" budgets to use a Spanish terminology, i.e. once signed the contract we will respect the budget unless special clause. Our prices are guaranteed from the beginning to the end of the work.

In fact the main element that can generate a variation of the cost comes mainly from the land. Sometimes earthworks may need some changes in the price : the type of soil can alter the cost of earthwork that sometimes (scarcely!) may be doubled. But here too there are no surprises: we announce early when making the plans plans (construction of a basement or not), with the plot study(steep rocky terrain area) if there is a risk of budget overrun.

For the rest of the work, the construction of the house itself, everything is controlled in advance. The prices presented are those who will be charged. We do not present a quote without having checked the availability and prices of the choosen materials.

An important aspect of our approach is based on transparency and freedom. We pledge to bill the client only for the construction phases completed. If you give us your project, we will present you with a detailed quote and not a global one. This will enable you to carry out an analytical study of the price and working with you to optimize it, always in order to get the best result for the best budget. Our quotation also serve as a basis in the economic management of the project: Each phase has a set price (specified by contract) and will be billed at the beginning of the work (partial advance) with a final payment after having completed the phase and being certified by the architect. No worries about the management of funds that you pay, only the amounts necessary for the realization of work specified at a given time are paid, corresponding to the work actually performed. There is no economic risk for our customers.

Come and see us

Today building may be the best option for those seeking a residence (primary or secondary) in Spain. The current housing stock is in many cases old and renovation can sometimes be more expensive and less attractive than new construction.

Simplicity, harmony, purity of lines and plans plays an important role in the final outcome of our homes for a total customer satisfaction. The style still fits your expectation and your tastes, we provide advice to build YOUR house, the one you want, the one that suits you.

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